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Designed with Imagination in Mind


Narratunes are specifically devised for an audio-first experience, creatively blending stories, songs and sounds to entertain and inspire children everywhere.

The Gardening Bear
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The Swimming Alien
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The Magic Magician
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Discover Narratunes!

Audiobooks for Children

What are Narratunes?

Narratunes are stories that have songs and sounds interwoven between the narrative. This combination helps children to follow the plot line as the story unfolds and fosters their imagination.

Why are Narratunes Different?

Narratunes are audio-first stories, and so they have been created specifically for listening. The circular plot, repeated sequences and the musical interludes keep children focused on the story.

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About Narratunes

  • Narratunes audiobooks are suitable for children aged two and above. The stories can be enjoyed individually or in groups.

  • Narratunes are compatible with most devices, including tablets, laptops and smartphones. They can also be played on children’s audio systems like Tonies and Yoto.

  • Each story is divided into two or more sections. A complete story is approximately 35-40 minutes in total.

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Available for download soon!

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Dragon Dreams
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Sharing Ideas: Some Ways to Use Narratunes!


"I put Narratunes on when the children come home from school. They love the stories, and I love the fact that I can reduce their screen time without them even realising it."

Hannah, Nottingham

"We listen to Narratunes while we're travelling in the car. The stories are a great way to pass the time, and the kids love singing along to the songs. If I'm being honest, so do I!"

Joanne, Southampton

"We use Narratunes at our kid's club. The children really enjoy doing the actions as they listen to the stories, and it's a great way for them to expend some of their excess energy."

Chrissy, York

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The Independent Reviewer said...

"Narratunes is a delightful journey which blends wholesome stories with fantastic songwriting. My kids really enjoyed the fantastical narrative, but as a parent I found myself chuckling at a number of moments. This story is packed with charm and wonder.

Charlie, London

The voice over, sound effects, and music all contribute to an engaging production. The song writing really eclipses the production quality of other audio books, with some material reminding me of very popular contemporary bands. Highly recommended. Looking forward to the next!"

The Creators of Narratunes

Narratunes is a joint collaboration between Beverley Morgan and Dave Knight. 

Creator of Gardening Bears and Swimming Aliens! 


Beverley is a published author and a qualified teacher. She has written and edited a wide variety of projects, including teaching material and activities. 

In her novels, she uses the pseudonym, Eve Moran, and writes about dystopian, fantasy worlds. 

Of late, these books have been remarkably prophetic...

More about Beverley at

How do you write a song about a particularly wide hat? 

Dave knows how! He is a music teacher, songwriter, and drummer, who has a knack for writing to Beverley's  bizarre briefs. 

He loves making noise (and occasionally music) using modular synths. He's pictured here with his brother's dog Ricky. 


 For once, Ricky wasn't being his usual anti-social self!

More about Dave at

The Narratunes Stories

The Gardening Bear

The Gardening Bear - Head.png

Bear loves doing the gardening in the park, but when he starts to make mistakes, he has to stop work. Can the policeman solve the problem and help Bear to get his job back?


 Total Run Time: 31.97

The Swimming Alien

The Swimming Alien - Head.png

The people in the town love going to the special place to relax, but when an alien appears there, they have to stop their fun. Can the policeman find a way for the people to accept the alien?


 Total Run Time: 39.38

The Magic Magician

magical magician - Copy (1).png

The magician entertains the people in the town every week, but when they become afraid of him, he has to stop. Can the policeman resolve the issue so that the magician can come back?


 Total Run Time: 46.55

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